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Exclusive Beachside Hotel in Tunisia Providing Distinctive Design and Outstanding Dining Experience

Embracing the Mediterranean Sea, the unique hotel Maison Dedine stands as a haven of tranquility on the northern Tunisian coast, blending a diverse fusion of contemporary and traditional architecture and decor.

Bearing the name of its proprietor Nebil Sinaoul, this five-room mansion with marble floors is positioned so close to the sea that guests are lulled to sleep by the soothing rhythm of the waves arriving from the Gulf of Tunis. The first-floor lounge, equipped with floor-to-ceiling windows, offers breathtaking views of the water as birds glide gracefully over the shimmering surface.
![Captivating sea view from the lounge](

Comfortable armchairs, a sofa, and a collection of books covering a wide range of subjects like art, cinema, architecture, and Tunisian history contribute to the laid-back ambiance of the space.
![Book collection in Maison Dedine’s lounge](

Another stunning vista can be enjoyed from the expansive roof terrace of the hotel, often used for hosting wedding celebrations, which overlooks a nearby harbor bustling with elegant yachts.
![Scenic harbor view from the roof terrace](

Acquired six decades ago in the upscale coastal town of Sidi Bou Said, Maison Dedine underwent significant refurbishments around two years ago under the guidance of architect Sandra Sinaoul before welcoming exclusively adult guests over four years ago. During our recent stay, we encountered a diverse mix of international visitors, including individuals from Belgium and the United States.
![Exterior facade of Maison Dedine](

The service is prompt and welcoming, overseen by the amiable house manager Sana.

Overall, the interior of Maison Dedine is spacious and invigorating, furnished with a varied selection of decor elements. Large contemporary paintings and monochrome photographs by Sabri ben Mlouka grace the walls alongside an array of decorative items such as traditional wooden cabinets featuring mother-of-pearl inlay, oversized ceramic prayer beads hanging on a wall, and whimsical sculptures resembling playful anteaters in vibrant hues positioned on slender pedestals by local artist Rym Karoui. A display comprising around thirty framed monochrome photographs on one wall serves as a tribute to the owner’s extended family spanning several generations.
![Unique artwork and decor inside Maison Dedine](

Our room, named ‘Uncle’ with a full-length portrait of Nebil’s uncle adorning the door, consisted of a cozy bedroom with tiled and carpeted flooring, fitted closets, twin armchairs with a coffee table, a luxurious walk-in shower, and a large-screen television.
![Luxurious ‘Uncle’ bedroom at Maison Dedine](

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A private terrace accessible through sliding doors featured comfortable garden chairs with plush cushions and a coffee table offering views of the sea in the front and a hillside covered with cacti, agave plants, and aloe vera behind.
![Private terrace affording picturesque views](

Although Maison Dedine does not operate its own restaurant, guests can prearrange a bespoke dining experience. During our visit, we were fortunate to partake in a lavish multi-course dinner prepared by local chef Mohamed Arbi Jelassi. The feast included two traditional soups – hsou, a spicy and hearty soup with beef balls, and chorba zaara with chicken; two salads – mechouia, a grilled salad of tomatoes, roasted red peppers, garlic, olive oil, and herbs, and a Japanese-inspired tataki salad with chicken. Additionally, savory briks, triangular filo pastry parcels filled with egg, diced onion, tuna, harissa, and parsley.
![Exclusive dining experience at Maison Dedine](

The main courses comprised tournedos, lamb souris, and chicken with green pepper and blue cheese sauce. Also included were couscous, stuffed calamari, and delectable desserts such as assida, a pudding with pistachio and Aleppo pine nut cream, and zrigua, a sweet biscuit infused with rose water, leaving us pleasantly full and content from the sumptuous meal.

Not only the dinner offerings but breakfast at Maison Dedine is also a delightful affair, with an assortment of five types of virgin olive oil (lemon, rosemary, garlic, pepper, and pure), four varieties of peppers, two kinds of salts, and four different honey selections enhancing the dining experience.

In terms of breakfast items, guests can relish various cheeses, cold cuts, fruit salad, homemade granola, eggs, smoked salmon, and pastries, along with traditional delicacies like meloui, a Tunisian flatbread; b’sissa, a Berber dish comprising roasted wheat and vegetables like chickpeas and lentils, and madmouja, a dessert featuring puff pastry, honey, dates, and dried fruits.

Following breakfast, unwind with a traditional coffee in the cozy Bedouin-style room overlooking an infinity pool and the endless waves beyond.
![Infinity pool with mesmerizing views at Maison Dedine](

Opportunities for sightseeing are easily accessible with the picturesque town of Sidi Bou Said perched atop a hill, brimming with restaurants, cafes, souvenir shops, and museums, offering splendid vistas of the port and Tunis, merely a 15-minute stroll away.
![Tranquil Sidi Bou Said](

Due to the steep and winding coastal road leading to the town, it might be advisable to opt for a short taxi ride. As for the dynamic capital city with its vibrant medina, it is just a quick 20-minute drive away.

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