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Exciting Discounts at State Bicycle Co’s Summer Block Party Sale!

For those seeking to acquire new bike wheels, this is a fortunate moment as State Bicycle Co is presently hosting their Summer Block Party Sale. The sale presents remarkable bike offers, such as specially selected Warehouse Deals, eBikes starting at $999, Gravel Bikes starting at $675, and reduced items from Wu-Tang Clan, Taco Bell, and Corona collections. Ensure you don’t overlook these remarkable deals!

Take a look at some of the most advantageous offers below:

Unbeatable Disc Road Bike

The innovative Unbeatable Disc Road Bike from State Bicycle Co has undergone a redesign with Y9 aluminium, a variant of 6061 Aluminium but with additional titanium. This results in enhanced toughness and tensile strength compared to its forerunner.

Muted Green All-Road Bike

This Muted Green All-Road Bike stands out as one of our preferred color schemes from State Bicycle Co. Currently discounted by nearly $400 and being a refurb-return in excellent condition, it represents an excellent deal.

Electric Bike Commuter

The State Bicycle 6061 Electric Bike Commuter is among the most reasonably priced electric bikes currently available. Now accessible for less than $1,000, it’s ideal for your daily travels. This bike can cover a distance of 20-100 miles and can reach a speed of 20mph in pedal assist mode.

Celebration Black All-Road Bike

The Celebration Black All-Road Bike is SBC’s most competent bike to date. Transform it into a dual-purpose bike by opting for “both” as your wheel set preference. This choice comes with an additional set of wheels, tires, inner tubes, rotors, and cassettes, facilitating effortless switching between 700c and 650b.

Beatles Abbey Road Bike

If you’re a fan of the Beatles, then the Abbey Road Bike from State Bicycle Co is a perfect fit for you. It offers a splendid retro appearance that we’re currently adoring at The Status Life.

Dolphin Bike

The Dolphin Bike symbolizes good luck and joyful moments. It showcases a sturdy steel frame in a Turquoise finish with timeless silver elements. This adaptable bike is accessible for less than $350 in the sale.

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Pacific Gold All-Road Bike

The 4130 All-Road Bike offers advanced gravel technology at an exceptional value. It boasts a tough 4130 Chromoly Steel Frame / Fork with ample cargo mounting options. You can select between 700c with “slick” tires or 650b with knobby tires. Additionally, it includes an 11-speed gear system and disc brakes.

Wu-Tang Clan Bike

State Bicycle Co. is teaming up with the Wu-Tang Clan for a special limited-edition release. This collaboration encompasses personalized bicycles, components, accessories, and attire.

Leo Davie, the proprietor of The Status Life, shares his thoughts on the State Bicycle Co Summer Block Party Sale.

Image Source: EQRoy @ Shutterstock

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