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Exceeding 3000 Subscribers Achieved

We Hit Over 3000 Subscribers:

In this video the British Dapper takes the opportunity to thank his subscribers and supporters for their continued support in celebration of the channel reaching over 3000 subscribers. He talks briefly about the continued aim and main reason why he felt it was appropriate to start the British Dapper YouTube channel looking at improving or providing information about how men could improve the way they dress in classic men’s attire, whether it be trousers, jackets or suits. whether they are young or old to provide them with advise that will help and encourage them to wear more classic men’s attire with more confidence or to restart wearing them.

He reiterates his thanks for the continued and ongoing support of friends and subscribers and talks about looking forward to a continued improvement and advancement to the next significant milestone, with the exciting introduction of short videos on released on a Wednesday – Wednesdays wear and on Fridays – Fridays Tie Choice, in addition of the regular videos.

he also introduces the channel’s latest feature the Buy Me A Coffee link, enabling subscribers and supporter to contribute to the channel for its continued progress.

We look forward to your continued support and hope you enjoyed the video.

Here is the link to Buy Me A Coffee.

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Credit: YouTube/The British Dapper

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