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Essential Winter Fashion: The Chic Duffle Coat

A Winter’s Must-Have: The Stylish Duffle Coat – In this video the British Dapper discusses the duffle coat.
He discusses the history of the duffle coat, first woven in the 17th century in Belgium, in Duffel, where the well-named duffel, a thick, black wool, was used to make the coats worn by the 17th-century navy. The garment spread in popularity to the Netherlands.

The initial influence of what became the duffel coat, might have been the hooded Polish military frock coat, which was developed in the 1820’s. It had the unusual features of a toggle closure and an integrated hood, and by 1850 had spread throughout Europe. In the 1850s, British outerwear manufacturer John Partridge developed the first version of the duffle coat.

By 1890 a less sophisticated version was being supplied to the British Royal Navy, from various manufacturers. Synonyms with World War 2, this coat was used for cold weather in the North Atlantic and artic regions by the Royal Navy in the Atlantic conveys. It was also worn by British troops, amongst them Field Marshal Sir Bernard Montgomery and Lieutenant Colonel Sir David Sterling the creator of the SAS.

After the World War 2, the coats became available in the UK as government surplus stock and the firm Gloverall purchased large quantities of them, and in 1954 started to manufacture their own, so it’s still common to see them available on eBay under that name along with other manufacturers.

An interesting point to note is that the original Government surplus versions differ from the more modern version, as they have a plain lining on the inside, tend to have rope and wooden toggles, whereas the others employ the use of a tartan in them and the embellishment of leather cordage and horn buttons.

They became very popular, especially with students in the 50’s and 60’s. In the 60’s the coat became very popular not only with men, but also women and children. Historically they were in black, Navy blue and fawn colours. In the 60’s we find the introduction of popular colours such as bright red, forest green, burgundy, grey, chocolate brown, light blue and even burnt orange to name but a few.

In his no frills approach he talks about the modern use of a duffle coat in a sartorial setting for that casual or more formal situation.

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Credit: YouTube/The British Dapper

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