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Embrace the Enjoyment With Luxury At Hotel De L’Europe In Amsterdam

Hotel De L’Europe in Amsterdam provides a lavish retreat where timeless charm merges with modern sophistication. The establishment, with its inception dating back to 1535, has undergone a magnificent renovation to showcase 105 guest rooms filled with carefully selected items from various regions of the world.

Discover ‘t Huys, a unique area of the hotel offering exclusive facilities such as the peaceful Skins Spa, the delightful floral displays of The Wunderkammer, and the delicious Italian dishes at Graziella. The lobby seamlessly combines historical elements with contemporary design, hosting captivating artworks and architectural fragments for a boutique shopping experience.

Pamper yourself in one of the five deluxe suites at ‘t Huys, each radiating its distinct style and character. Indulge in suites inspired by Harper’s Bazaar or adorned with artwork from Ravestijn Gallery, ensuring a personalized and unforgettable stay.

Satisfy your taste buds at Hotel De L’Europe with culinary journeys spanning from the two Michelin-starred restaurant Flore to the casual French Brasserie Marie and the authentic Italian Trattoria Graziella. Enjoy the timeless ambiance of Freddy’s Bar, renowned for its exceptional drinks and enduring charm.

Immerse yourself in Amsterdam’s cultural offerings by visiting the prestigious Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, and hidden local treasures. During the tulip season, witness the hotel’s transformation into a flower-filled haven in partnership with The Wunderkammer, offering enchanting dining experiences surrounded by blooms.

Whether you favor antiquity, food, or art, Hotel De L’Europe offers a personalized and memorable stay. With outstanding service, a rich history, and a steadfast dedication to excellence, this extravagant retreat embodies grandeur at the heart of Amsterdam.

Accommodation rates at Hotel De L’Europe range from €492 ($538) to €10,000 ($10,934) per night, depending on the season. Book your lavish getaway at Hotel De L’Europe to savor Amsterdam in sophistication.

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