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Discovering the Historical Athenee Manor of Bucharest: A Peek into the Golden Era

Observing unwavering dedication in the field of hospitality nowadays is uncommon, yet Vasile Descultescu and Daniela Ciuca have set an example of steadfast loyalty to the Athénée Palace Bucharest and its owner, George Copos, over time. Truly commendable is their fidelity and commitment.

From my tenure as a foreign correspondent for The Times newspaper to subsequent leadership as a CEO in Romania, I have directly witnessed their loyalty. As per Vasile, they envision themselves as vital components of the hotel’s tight-knit community rather than just employees.

Bringing a vast array of expertise to the establishment, Daniela and Vasile extend a warm reception to guests at this historic deluxe property. They are valued collaborators who consistently endeavor to surpass guest anticipations.

The Athénée Palace Bucharest of the Ana Hotels group holds a significant position in the annals of history. Dating back to 1914, the hotel offered shelter to many during World War II and played a crucial role in underground operations.

The hotel’s magnificent entrance hall, adorned with grand marble columns and vibrant floral displays, leads to the English Pub and Roberto’s bistro. Roberto’s, a delightful Italian dining spot reminiscent of the 1950s, presents a charming culinary expedition overseen by head chef Yevgen Denysenko.

During my visit, I had the privilege of relishing treats such as beef carpaccio, tempting seafood starters, and luxurious pasta choices at Roberto’s. The lavish breakfast buffet at Roberto’s is extensive, while the executive lounge offers a calm and cozy dining atmosphere.

Our chamber, designed as a tribute to the Golden Age era, was elegantly adorned with modern comforts and a homage to the hotel’s illustrious heritage. The spa, featuring a sauna and jacuzzi, offered a peaceful retreat after a day of exploring Bucharest.

Situated in the heart of the city, Athénée Palace Bucharest is in close proximity to cultural sites like the National Art Museum and the Atheneum. The lively Calea Victoriei Boulevard, just a stone’s throw away, provides a delightful stroll through the Old Town and a vibrant weekend vibe.

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A remarkable stay at this iconic hotel goes beyond luxury and convenience, providing an immersive voyage into Bucharest’s diverse tapestry of history and culture.

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