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Discover the Vintage 1981 BMW M1

At The Status Life, we believe 1981 is a remarkable vintage year. This stunning 1981 BMW M1 from RM Sotheby’s is a testament to the fact that BMW also produced remarkable supercars during this era. The car is considered the beginning of BMW M division’s enduring legacy of road cars. It is a truly captivating vehicle from the German car maker and will be up for sale at the auction house’s Munich event.

The 1981 BMW M1 from RM Sotheby’s has a price tag ranging from £350,000 to £435,000 GBP. It may not come cheap, but it is one of the most captivating and remarkable machines recently put up for sale. It is one of only 399 examples of the road-going BMW M1, making it a rare find for any collector.

The BMW M1 was developed by BMW to compete in motorsport, which is evident in its sporty aesthetic. BMW’s CSL cars were no longer competitive against Porsche’s 935, prompting the development of the M1. Originally developed with the help of Lamborghini, the project was eventually taken in-house by BMW, resulting in the creation of the majestic M1.

Completed by the factory on October 9, 1980, this particular BMW M1 was delivered to BMW France in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, near Versailles, and eventually registered in the Netherlands in February 1981. While it was originally blue with a black interior, it has since been repainted red with a black leather interior. The car is believed to have been exported to the United States at some point, where it likely received a miles-reading odometer, which is currently installed.

For enthusiasts of BMW design and performance, the RM Sotheby’s auction in Munich presents an opportunity to acquire this meticulously presented M1. Despite its high price tag, it is in pristine condition and will undoubtedly add an air of sophistication to any collector’s lineup.

Image Source: Kevin Whitehead / Shutterstock

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