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    Discover The Timeless Charm Of City Oyster & Sushi Bar On Delray Beach

    Delray Beach boasts an abundance of eateries, with Atlantic Avenue being a hotspot for gastronomic adventures. Amid these options, one establishment stands out for its fresh marine delights and dynamic ambiance.

    For those not yet introduced to City Oyster & Sushi Bar, let this act as a sophisticated introduction.

    For over twenty-five years, the adored venue from Big Time Restaurant Group has cemented its status on the vibrant Atlantic Avenue, known for a remarkable selection of immaculate oysters and inventive sushi offerings.

    The menu is adorned with an array of seafood wonders, featuring the likes of crisp rock shrimp tempura, tasteful Maryland style crab cakes, and aromatic smoked fish dips to tender organic salmon, masterfully grilled grouper, and an enticing assortment of seafood known as frutti di mare.

    If your gastronomic tastes lean towards land-based treats, Chef Jordan Stilley has devised a butcher’s block repertoire that includes a dry-aged strip loin, succulent filet mignon, sumptuous surf and turf, and a flawlessly cooked cast-iron chicken half. Guests can choose to dine amidst the spirited indoor atmosphere or opt for al fresco dining on the patio.

    Initiate your dining experience with one of their esteemed handcrafted cocktails like a Peach Lemonade, Fiery Fresno, or Guava 75. City Oyster also boasts a comprehensive wine list that offers value for money, available by the glass, from the tap, or by the bottle.

    As New Englanders, our jaunt to Delray was made all the more delightful by encountering familiar fares such as classic New England clam chowder, Rhode Island-style calamari, fish and chips featuring Boston cod, and Maine lobster on the menu.

    Despite the establishment’s bustling scene, our affable server provided top-notch service, promptly answering our queries about the offerings and recommending popular menu selections.

    Indulge in the freshly prepared focaccia bread paired with a dipping side of olive oil, which proves to be quite irresistible, but be sure to preserve your appetite for their outstanding entrees. Devotees of generously sized oysters should certainly try the salty Blue Point oysters hailing from Connecticut.

    Sushi aficionados will relish the sight of chefs assembling specialty rolls like the one-of-a-kind Delray Beach Roll, an East Coast rendition of a California roll enhanced with shrimp, Maine lobster, mango, avocado, and finished with a drizzle of mango miso. The Lobster Tempura Roll envelops Maine lobster tail in a crunchy coating of panko and sesame seeds, complemented by asparagus and avocado, with the tang of spicy mayo and eel sauce.

    The Kamikaze roll is an essential experience, bursting with spicy tuna, crisp cucumber, lively jalapenos, crunchy tempura flakes, and topped with sesame seeds. For those delving into main courses, a wide spectrum is on offer. The specialty mahi, sheathed in a sweet potato crust, served alongside Brussels sprouts and finished with a hazelnut chimichurri sauce, was divine.

    The menu additionally features delectable seafood specialties such as shrimp and scallops “boke,” rich miso glazed sea bass, and opulent twin Maine lobster tails.

    Those with a penchant for sweets should make it a point to try the Key lime pie, adorned with a tuft of freshly whipped cream, for a sweet culmination of the meal.

    And keep an eye out for their everyday happy hour with 50% off on mixed drinks, wines, and beer, alongside a lavish weekend brunch offering.

    City Oyster & Sushi Bar is located at 213 E. Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach, Florida.

    Image Source: Tripadvisor

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