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    Discover The Penfolds Grange And The Magill Estate Cellar Door

    The corporation holds vineyards in the prime growing regions of Australia beyond the ancient vines of the Barossa with plantations in Adelaide Hills, McLaren Vale, Coonawarra, and originating from the Eden Valley, a distinguished producer of top-notch Riesling. These vineyards yield a variety of grapes including Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and other grape varieties.

    While the Penfolds Grange is unmistakably one of the finest wines globally, Penfolds also boasts various other wines that have received international recognition and prestigious awards. Particularly hailed are their Bin 707 Cabernet Sauvignon, RWT Bin 798 Barossa Valley Shiraz, Magill Estate Shiraz, St Henri Shiraz, and Bin 170 Shiraz. Penfolds has not only achieved triumph with red wines, but their Reserve Bin A Chardonnay has also claimed multiple accolades.

    Penfolds’ prosperity in Australia has prompted the organization to diversify beyond the Australian borders and presently crafts wines in Sonoma and Napa Valley, implanted with vine cuttings from their vineyards in South Australia. This initiative, which consumed over two decades, led to the triumphant California Collection featuring its flagship wine, the Quantum Bin 98 Cabernet Sauvignon.

    What Sets the Penfolds Grange Apart

    No one would dispute that the Grange stands as Australia’s premier wine. This is reflected not only in its eminence but also in its price, around $1000 per bottle. A recent collector paid $157,000 for a bottle of the 1951 Grange setting a record for the highest price ever paid for an Australian wine.

    What distinguishes the Grange is a blend of factors. Firstly, unlike the common practice with the finest old-world wines, it does not derive its grapes from a sole block or vineyard. It selects the best grapes obtainable from the Barossa, which is Australia’s superior shiraz cultivation region, and from other estates owned by Penfolds. Another feature is that a small percentage of cabernet sauvignon is mixed with the shiraz must before fermentation.

    The other principal deviation is that the Grange is matured for 20 months in American Oak as opposed to French Oak, imparting a different array of flavors and characteristics. What Max Shubert formulated seven decades ago contradicted the conventional Australian winemaking of that era. In the past, wine was produced to be consumed promptly, regardless of whether it achieved its full potential. Typically, the Grange is not released until five years post-vintage, although recent vintages are now unveiled after four years. Experts assert that this intricate wine reaches its pinnacle at 12 to 15 years post-vintage but can age for up to 20 to 50 years.

    The 2008 Penfolds, Grange, Bin 95 emerged as one of their most triumphant vintages, clinching numerous prestigious awards and receiving a perfect 100 rating from esteemed wine critics such as the Wine Advocate. So, what is the experience of tasting the Grange like? Here is the Wine Advocate’s review.

    Wine Advocate 2008 Penfolds Grange Review Rating: 100/100 

    Deep garnet-purple in hue, the 2008 Grange unfolds a truly lavish aroma with an abundance of spices, fruit cake, and black & blue fruit compote notes paired with hints of chocolate and potpourri. The rich and sumptuous, multi-layered palate exhibits some lingering oak influence, indicating a structural standout phase, yet this does not detract from the elongated and intricate finish. Although it requires several more years to mature, this lavish, expressive Grange embodies the utmost essence of this vintage and the terroirs from where it hails. Lisa Perrotti-Brown – 31/10/2014

    Over the years, the Grange has garnered a cult following and has evolved into Australia’s most sought-after wine. International wine connoisseurs consistently rank the wine among the finest globally, showering it with a plethora of gold medals, high ratings, and accolades. The 1955 vintage secured over 50 gold medals. The 1971 vintage was honored with the first prize in the Shiraz category at the 2008 Paris Wine Olympics, and the 1990 vintage was titled Wine Spectator’s ‘Wine Of The Year’ in 1995. Recently, the 2008 vintage received a perfect score of 100 points from both Wine Spectator and the Wine Advocate.

    Experience the Magill Estate Tour and Penfolds Wine Tasting

    While the majority of Penfolds’ winemaking transpires at their cutting-edge Barossa facility, a tour of the Magill Estate, the spiritual hub of Penfolds, is a must-do for any wine aficionado. The location is surprisingly near the urban sprawl of Adelaide, nestled at the base of the Adelaide Mountain Range. Remarkably, possessing a vineyard within the city limits is rare, and the Magill Estate remains one of the world’s few urban single block vineyards.

    Visitors meander through the estate’s vineyards, past rows of century-old grapevines still bearing fruit for production. Overlooking the estate from a hillock stands the cellar door edifice flanked by the Magill Estate restaurant. At its heart lies the heritage-listed winery with a towering chimney bearing the iconic Penfolds signage, a sight unchanged for more than a century. Here, one encounters the winery with centennial cobblestone buildings where production unfolded.

    A Culinary Exploration at the Magill Estate Restaurant

    The quintessential manner for the culinary enthusiast to relish Penfolds is through a dining escapade at the Magill Estate Restaurant. Pardon the wordplay, but one could view the estate tour and wine tasting as the appetizer, with the Magill Estate restaurant as the crème de la crème. This is gastronomy at its pinnacle, enabling guests to fully savor Penfolds wines complemented by exquisite culinary offerings.

    Upon entering, the opulent design beckons the eye. The elegant furnishings and vibrant hues exude a blend of modernity and sophistication akin to a luxe drawing-room. Visitors can marvel at the vistas over the vineyards with the distant cityscape of Adelaide in view. The room hosts affluent couples, clusters of friends, and occasional business associates celebrating a significant deal.

    As expected, solo diners are also present, choosing to immerse themselves in the meal, accompanied solely by contemplations amidst this gastronomic odyssey. This epitomizes fine dining in an establishment accommodating a maximum of 36 patrons, making reservations a coveted commodity.

    The menu rotates seasonally, featuring cuisine sourced from the same local communities as the wines. Each dish reflects inventive nuevo Australian fare with influences from Japanese and Brazilian cuisine, stemming from the chefs’ tenures at Michelin-starred establishments worldwide. Throughout the feast, the highly skilled staff function as guides, leading guests on a voyage through the nuances of their delectable menu and the wines, both given equal emphasis.

    With that, the gastronomic journey unveils. This isA sensational seven-course culinary journey awaits, so gear up and prepare for the experience. Visitors can opt for the premium wine pairing or the sommelier’s selection. The feast commences with the “snacks,” a term Down Under for appetizers. These bite-sized delicacies pack a flavorful punch, each delicately crafted with vibrant colors, textures, and flavors that blend seamlessly into pure delight. An individual oyster is presented on a bed of pebbles in its shell, nestled in a bed of fish roe adorned with a delicate lilac edible bloom. A standout favorite from the ever-evolving menu is the decadent stuffed chicken wings, deboned and filled with lobster and scallop, then expertly fried to crispy perfection.

    As marvelous as the starters were, leaving room for the main courses was a wise choice. The trilogy commences with ling fish accompanied by turnip and miso. The interplay of flavors and textures unfolds with the crispy skin juxtaposed against the turnip puree and pickled ribbons. Following suit is the duck, boasting crisp skin, flavorful fat layer, and tender meat, aged for three weeks prior to roasting. Served with fennel salad and dill sprigs, the duck dazzles the palate. To wrap up the savory journey, the lamb arrives, delicately seasoned with kale salad garnished with yellow blossoms and a sprinkle of salty mullet row. Post the palate cleansing interlude, the finale arrives in the form of an apple embellished with pine nuts and brown butter, offering a unique twist on apple pie. The avant-garde dining affair is elevated to new heights with the exquisite pairing of Penfolds wines.

    The cuisine seems crafted to showcase the epitome of excellence in food and wine. This and more can be experienced at the Magill Estate Restaurant, solidifying it as the ultimate Penfolds culinary destination.

    A Legacy Forged Over 175 Years

    In the land down under, a phrase resonates when savoring a delightful glass of wine. It typically emerges after the ritual of swirling, sniffing, and then sipping.

    Following a moment to let the flavors unfold on the tongue, one might exclaim: By Jove, this is indeed a splendid drop. For more than 175 years, Penfolds has been perfecting the art of winemaking, with the Grange standing out as the pinnacle of perfection.

    Image Source: Winedering

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