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    Culinary Blade Contemporary Beef by Chef John Tesar at Laguna Cliffs Marriott Resort & Spa

    Prominent Chef John Tesar recently unveiled his Culinary Blade Contemporary Beef at The Laguna Cliffs Marriott Resort and Spa in Dana Point. An exhilarating venue within this resort, this culinary and drink concept evokes a feeling of the Hamptons with its decorations and atmosphere.

    Due to Chef John’s upbringing on the East Coast, his desire was for patrons to relish a comparable Hamptons coastal atmosphere on the West Coast. Sleek designs, and hues of blue and white harmonize beautifully with the Pacific Ocean vista.

    The crimson-roofed Victorian-style resort provides 378 accommodations and 17 lavish suites, along with an enticing contemporary steakhouse dining experience.

    One of the outdoor swimming pools features a family-friendly pool area with a play zone and aquatic pad utilizing recycled chlorine-free water. There is also a small mini-golf course and outdoor games for everyone to savor.

    The other pool section in the heart of the resort overlooks the ocean and presents numerous sunbeds, an onsite bar, bubbling whirlpool and a plethora of parasols for those seeking shelter.

    The nationally acclaimed chef and his team craft breakfast, lunch and dinner within the eatery’s dining area and outdoors on its extensive, softly lit veranda.

    For dinner, patrons relish raw selections on the menu such as fresh yellowtail medallions crowned with succulent red grapefruit segments, avocado, and a touch of sriracha and olive oil. There is also an array of East and West Coast oysters by the half dozen.

    Culinary Blade Contemporary Beef also features three distinct steakhouse-style salads on the menu comprising a Caesar, baby iceberg wedge, and vibrant Summer Greens.

    To complement all menu selections, a variety of innovative cocktails and alcohol-free beverages are available, along with an impressive selection of wines by the glass or bottle carefully curated by their expert sommelier, Georgi Stoianov.

    Two of the most exceptional menu offerings at Culinary Blade Contemporary Beef encompass a delectable and entertaining bacon tasting assortment. Six diverse tasting experiences are available. Initially, there is a house-crafted bacon jam perfect for spreading on the Parker House rolls. Following that are five exquisitely house-smoked bacon strips. One presents a pecan essence, while the others provide a smoked apple, cherry, and hickory essence. The final one is an Iberico Spanish pork bacon that is slightly oilier and flavorsome, as these pigs are fed acorns.

    Chef John Tesar was bestowed with a Michelin star for his original eatery Knife and Spoon at The Ritz Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes. This four-time James Beard nominated chef has also participated twice on Bravo’s “Top Chef”.

    At Knife Steakhouse in Plano, and Knife in Dallas, and now Culinary Blade Contemporary Beef in Dana Point, Chef John Tesar collaborates with Texan livestock breeders and cultivators to provide premium, extraordinary meat. Renowned for his aged classic and prime cuts, he incorporates distinct cuts such as the chuck flap, outer skirt, culotte, beef cheeks, oxtail, and Akaushi beef.

    The menu presents New School meats like a 10 oz 44 Farms coulotte cut and a 12 oz tri-tip, along with a 10 oz 44 Farms skirt steak and a sirloin flap. The beef sourced from 44 Farms is free of hormones and antibiotics Angus cattle.

    The menu also includes a 10 oz Allen Brothers flat iron steak. Since 1893, Allen Brothers has been supplying premium meat to eminent chefs and restaurants across the nation.

    Old School steaks comprise a petite filet, filet au poivre, bone-in New York steak, and a 32 oz, 45-day Akaushi bone-in ribeye. This pasture-raised, non-GMO wholesome beef boasts velvety white marbling and a luxurious buttery taste.

    Unique additions to the menu are his exotic beef selections. These include a 90-day dry-aged, bone-in ribeye, along with a 120-day and 240-day dry-aged, bone-in ribeye. As quoted by Chef John Tesar ‘Our 240 day dry-aged rib-eye from 44 Farms undergoes a process that promotes the growth of mold, which acts like vegetable penicillin. This imparts a sweet taste rather than a strong funk or blue cheese flavor. The outcome is a dense and incredibly flavorful steak.’

    Delectable desserts consist of a strawberry and yuzu arrangement composed of strawberry mousse and yuzu curd with strawberry meringue. A scoop of basil ice cream introduces a refreshing herbal essence.

    Chocolate and coffee enthusiasts will delight in the chocolate sponge cake with coffee ganache, milk chocolate, and coffee ice cream. There is also a hazelnut and chocolate terrine with passionfruit cremeux and sorbet.

    Close to the resort entrance are bicycles available for a leisurely ride along the beach and harbor before dining at Culinary Blade Contemporary Beef. The following day, take pleasure in a visit to the 14,000-square-foot Spa at Laguna Cliffs Marriott Resort for a specialized massage, facial, or body treatment in one of the ten exquisitely furnished treatment rooms.

    Indulge and relish a meal at Culinary Blade Contemporary Beef by Chef John Tesar before departing and returning to your abode via car or plane.

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