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Checkout The New BOLDR Kelvin Heater

As the summer heatwaves become a thing of the past and a chillier climate sets in, staying warm during the autumn and winter months is on our minds. For tech lovers who appreciate minimalism, the BOLDR Kelvin Heater is the perfect solution. This innovative home heating device is being hailed as the future of heating, and for good reason.

Here are 4 reasons why you need a Kelvin Heater:

  1. Energy efficient: The Kelvin Heater uses 30% less energy than traditional electric heaters, while still keeping your environment comfortable.
  2. Smart functionality: With the included smart features, you can control your home climate from your phone, improving convenience and helping to reduce energy bills.
  3. Minimalist design: Made with premium materials and high-quality finishes, the Kelvin Heater is a slimline product that you can proudly display in your home.
  4. Easy installation: Designed to seamlessly integrate into any home, the Kelvin Heater comes with everything you need to set it up in minutes. You can even install it yourself in under 5 minutes, thanks to the included screws and guides.

One of the standout features of the Kelvin Heater is its use of sustainable infrared technology, which is 30% more cost-effective than traditional methods. If you have a smart home, the Kelvin Heater will easily fit in, allowing you to take control of your heating and spending from your phone. Reduce energy consumption and simplify your home heating – what more could you want?

The Kelvin Heater from BOLDR is not only easy to install and use, but it is also maintenance-free and constantly receives software upgrades to improve its function. It seamlessly integrates into any home interior design aesthetic, making it suitable for both homeowners and renters. Additionally, it comes with a wireless smart thermostat that pairs with the BOLDR app, unlocking a range of energy-saving features.

You can place the Smart Thermostat anywhere in the room for accurate temperature and humidity measurements. Connect one or more Kelvin heaters to the thermostat and the app to access energy-saving features. No tools or wiring required. The Kelvin Heater offers exceptional value for money and is the coolest way to keep your home warm this winter. Head over to the BOLDR store and get yours now.

Leo is the owner of The Status Life and writes about the stuff he loves. And some stuff that he merely likes.

Image Source: Designwanted

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