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    Ceremony Honoring the Top 50 Bars in North America

    The second edition of the awards for North America’s Top 50 Bars, presented by Perrier, is set to take place on May 4, 2023. This prestigious event will span three days in San Miguel de Allende, a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in Mexico.

    Following a successful debut in New York City in 2022, this ceremony will once again bring together the bar community of North America to acknowledge the most outstanding bars on the continent. The celebration of North America’s Top 50 Bars is a lively tribute to mixologists, bar proprietors, and beverage brands across a series of events spanning three days.

    “We are thrilled to announce the launch of our second awards program for North America’s Top 50 Bars, promising an even grander and more spectacular event,” stated Mark Sansom, the Content Director for North America’s Top 50 Bars. “The level of mixology in Mexico is undoubtedly among the best globally, with Mexican bars consistently ranking at the top in North America over the past two editions of The World’s Top 50 Bars. We eagerly anticipate the reunion of the entire North American bar community for our immersive three-day event.”

    Key highlights of the program will include the Bartenders’ Banquet held the evening before the unveiling of North America’s Top 50 Bars 2023. This will be followed by the glamorous awards ceremony on May 4, featuring red-carpet entrances, interviews, a cocktail reception, and the unveiling of the rankings from No.50 to No.1.

    The countdown will be livestreamed to a worldwide audience, inviting bars and cocktail enthusiasts to join in through The World’s Top 50 Bars Facebook page and 50 Best Bars TV channel on YouTube.

    Before the ceremony on May 4, 50 Best will announce the recipients of two special awards recognizing the outstanding achievements of a bar and a bartender over the previous year:

    Michter’s Excellence in Hospitality: Chosen by members of the North America’s Top 50 Bars Academy for the bar where they experienced the most exceptional hospitality during the voting period.

    Altos Bartenders’ Choice: Voted by bartenders from the listed bars, recognizing a peer who has significantly contributed to advancing the craft of mixology and supporting the recovery of the bar industry post-pandemic.

    After the North America’s Top 50 Bars ceremony, Barra México, a cocktail week and bar show celebrating the finest Latin American mixology talent, will commence. Bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts from around the globe will gather in San Miguel de Allende to partake in both significant events in the city.

    “We are honored to host the prestigious event North America’s Top 50 Bars,” expressed Mauricio Trejo, Mayor of San Miguel de Allende. “The selection of San Miguel de Allende for such a prominent event showcases our global reputation for exceptional gastronomy, bars, lifestyle, and luxury experiences. This event will enhance our international image and bolster our local community, promising an exceptional experience. We are excited and fully committed to ensuring this event is truly world-class.”

    The list of winners for the Top 50 Bars is the result of a comprehensive poll involving over 260 experts within North America, each voting for the bar where they had their ‘best experience’ in the 18 months leading up to the voting deadline. The rankings are determined by votes cast by North American individuals for bars on the continent. Additional details regarding the Academy Chairs and voting process can be found on the FAQs page here.       


    San Miguel de Allende – Official Host Destination Partner

    Perrier – Official Water Partner; sponsor of The Best Bar in North America

    Michter’s – Official American Whiskey Partner; sponsor of Michter’s Excellence in Hospitality

    Nikka Whisky – Official Global Whisky Partner; sponsor of Nikka Highest Climber

    Ketel One – Official Vodka Partner; sponsor of Ketel One Sustainable Bar

    Siete Misterios – Official Mezcal Partner; sponsor of Siete Misterios Best Cocktail Menu

    The London Essence Co. – Official Mixer Partner; sponsor of London Essence Best New Opening

    Disaronno – Official Italian Liqueur Partner; sponsor of Disaronno Highest New Entry

    Roku Gin – Official Gin Partner; sponsor of Roku Industry Icon

    Altos Tequila – Official Tequila Partner; sponsor of Altos Bartenders’ Choice

    Matusalem – Official Rum Partner; sponsor of ceremonial scarves

    Naked Malt – Official Scotch Whisky Partner; sponsor of Best in Destination Award

    Rémy Martin – Official Cognac Partner; sponsor of Best in Destination Award

    Campari – Official Bitters Partner; sponsor of Campari One To Watch

    Tia Maria – Official Coffee Liqueur Partner; sponsor of Best in Destination Award

    Torres Brandy – Official Brandy Partner; sponsor of Best in Destination Award

    Scrappy’s Bitters – Official Cocktail Bitters Partner; sponsor of Best in Destination Award

    Bareksten – Official Aquavit Partner

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