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Celine Homme: Levon Hawke in Focus as an Actor

Celebrated in the Celine Homme Actor Portrayal campaign, Levon Hawke, the descendant of renowned Hollywood figures Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman, presents a captivating depiction. With 21 years under his belt and fresh off his role in the mini-series The Crowded Room, Hawke collaborated with Celine’s creative chief, Hedi Slimane, for this chic endeavor. Located in the heart of New York, the monochrome photoshoot exudes a laid-back vibe, highlighting the Celine man’s preference for comfort and elegance.

Levon Hawke in Celine ‘Actor Portrayal’

Celine tank and jeans donned by actor Levon Hawke. Photo: Hedi Slimane / Celine

The campaign shines a light on casual attire with an effortless allure. Hawke showcases loose-fitting jeans, a plain white top, and a denim coat, embodying the essence of the Celine man: trendy, modest, yet forward-looking. The combination of these aspects, along with his casual poses and the stark urban backdrop, enriches the overall story, presenting a persona that is both inviting and fascinating.

Posing for a portrait, Levon Hawke styled in Celine. Photo: Hedi Slimane / Celine

Nevertheless, the campaign goes beyond just casual fashion. Making a lively transition, Celine’s refined tailoring steals the show, as Hawke is captured wearing a pinstriped suit jacket matched with a striped dress shirt. This fusion of formal and relaxed attire underscores the flexibility and wide appeal of the Celine man.

Levon Hawke flaunting a Celine denim coat. Photo: Hedi Slimane / Celine

The campaign’s visuals, coupled with Hawke’s drapery haircut and easygoing vibe, pay homage to the nostalgic ’90s style. However, it’s more than just a walk down memory lane. It reflects the brand’s talent in reimagining the past and presenting it in a contemporary context, showcasing Celine’s adeptness in harmonizing timeless sophistication with modern fashions.

Celine shoot of Levon Hawke by Hedi Slimane. Photo: Hedi Slimane / Celine

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