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    Boisset Collection Unveils Calistoga Depot Distillery Liquors

    Once more, Jean-Charles Boisset has accomplished an impressive feat. The renowned wine producer and devotee has expanded his extensive array of historic and unique wineries in California and France by incorporating a distillery. Positioned in the central heart of Calistoga, located in the Napa Valley area of California, his Calistoga Depot Distillery pays tribute to the 19th-century entrepreneur Samuel Brannan, the rich history of Calistoga, and the city’s connections to some of the finest alcoholic beverages and wines.

    “The launch of the Calistoga Depot Distillery liquor collection represents the culmination of the extensive effort put into creating an assortment that epitomizes the peak of artisan distillation in Northern California interwoven with our distinct expertise,” expressed Boisset. “This is demonstrated through our mastery of terroir, the process of refining spirits in our wine barrels, and an unwavering passion for the region’s distillation history. We maintain the legacy – both in the spirits we produce and in the locale that inspires them.”

    Boisset’s profound knowledge of wine permeates every small batch rendition through the blending, tasting, and refining methods. He collaborates with distinguished distillers such as Ashby and Timo Marshall, Crispin Cain, and others. The finishing process involves the use of both French and American oak wine casks that previously stored Boisset Collection’s premium Napa Valley and Sonoma County wines, infusing distinctive wine flavors into the spirit for a smooth and intricate taste. The lineup includes:

    Prosperous and Penniless

    Brannan’s life was characterized by both remarkable success and grand failures. He gained substantial recognition before succumbing to financial downfall, and this range of expertly crafted whiskeys and a barrel-aged gin created in collaboration with Master Distiller Crispin Cain pays homage to Brannan’s original Calistoga Distillery, established over 150 years ago. (SRPs $200-$300)

    The First Millionaire

    A series of malted barley whiskeys named after the wealth amassed by Samuel Brannan during the Gold Rush in 1848. Rather than mining for gold, he established a lucrative business by supplying mining equipment to miners in the area, earning him the title of the first millionaire in San Francisco. (SRPs $75-$125)

    Fame & Misfortune

    This set of rye-forward whiskeys is dedicated to the bohemian enchantress Lola Montez, renowned for her fiery temperament and irresistible allure. (SRPs $150-$200)

    The Calistoga Star

    Inspired by The California Star, San Francisco’s initial newspaper founded by Samuel Brannan, this represents a range of barrel-aged fine brandies, (SRPs $75-$400)

    Calistoga Depot Distillery 1868

    A collection of distillery-exclusive spirits, encompassing gin, vodka, and rum, to honor 1868, the year when Samuel Brannan constructed a railroad, facilitating easier access for tourists to the destination.

    Calistoga Depot Distillery’s high-quality, barrel-aged, and wine-cask finished spirits collection has received 34 accolades, including a Double Gold and Gold from The Fifty Best, and the prestigious Master Medal (reserved for truly exceptional spirits) from The Spirits Business’ American Whiskey Masters.

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