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    Best Events and Exciting Activities in Las Vegas in April

    Are you seeking enjoyable events and thrilling things to experience in Las Vegas in April? Since April marks the initial full month of spring, you can relish the milder climate in the Mojave Desert without it being overly warm. There remains an ample amount of cool air to ensure comfort outdoors before the scorching summer heat envelops the Las Vegas region.

    Consequently, you have the opportunity to engage in excellent indoor and outdoor pursuits across the city and its surroundings. Your task is simply to discover the top events, shows, escapades, eateries, and activities to partake in while in Las Vegas throughout April. Here are the foremost seven exceptional events and activities to indulge in Las Vegas in April.

    Impersonation Displays

    Las Vegas is renowned for its talented impersonators and celebrities imitators. You may frequently encounter Elvis impersonators loitering around hotels and near the Las Vegas Sign at the gateway to the Las Vegas Strip. Yet, were you aware that skillful Elvis impersonators stage musical tributes to the iconic King of Rock and Roll?

    Elvis Spirit of the King and All Shook Up are the main Elvis Presley musical tribute performances showcasing adept Elvis impersonators. They impeccably mimic the voice, gestures, and outfits of Elvis Presley. When they render timeless tunes like “Jailhouse Rock,” “Heartbreak Hotel,” and “Suspicious Minds,” you’ll feel as though the genuine Elvis is gracing the stage before you.

    In April, several impersonators Las Vegas shows are on offer, including the Australian Bee Gees, Legends in Concert, Michael Jackson Live, Purple Reign, and The Rat Pack is Back.

    Pinball Hall of Renown

    Do you appreciate pinball machines? How about perusing over 200 historical pinball machines and arcade games spanning the course of the 20th century?

    You can immerse yourself in these attractions by visiting the Pinball Hall of Fame in Las Vegas, exhibiting hundreds of vintage pinball machines and arcade games from 1905 to the 1990s. Some pinball machines remain operational, letting you engage in a game for a quarter per play.

    A visit to the Pinball Hall of Fame serves as an excellent retreat from the desert sun, providing an opportunity to enjoy some quality indoor time with your companions and loved ones.

    Mandalay Beach

    April marks the onset of the swim season for many eager individuals seeking outdoor leisure following the chilly winter months. What could be more ideal than swimming at the man-made beach established at the Mandalay Bay Hotel?

    Mandalay Beach boasts a 1.6 million-gallon pool with simulated waves, a lazy river, and 2,700 tons of bona fide white beach sand. Whether you aspire to ride the waves or bask under the sun on a recliner, you’ll instantly be transported to a genuine beach ambience at Mandalay Beach.

    The Thrilling Big Apple Coaster

    The Big Apple Coaster stands as a popular roller coaster attraction at the New York-New York Hotel along the Las Vegas Strip. Riders attain speeds of up to 67 miles per hour and execute 180-degree spirals while passing by emulated iconic sites of New York City such as the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building. The Big Apple Coaster distinguished itself as the inaugural roller coaster globally to feature a 180-degree twist and a breathtaking 203-foot plunge.

    No need to stifle your screams as they are entirely permissible on this ride. Following your exhilarating roller coaster escapade, you can explore the Big Arcade room within the hotel, housing myriad classic and contemporary video game machines that offer entertainment for both adults and youngsters.

    Aquatic Spectacles

    Are you keen on witnessing mesmerizing water performances in Las Vegas in April? Cirque du Soleil’s “O” and WOW – The Vegas Spectacular emerge as the highly recommended aqua showcases gracing Las Vegas in April. Each of these water spectacles delivers a distinct array of performances and feats exclusive to their shows.

    The O show showcases thrilling acrobatic maneuvers and death-defying stunts set against a backdrop of a colossal 1.5-million-gallon pool. Cirque employs visual effects and charismatic performers to narrate an original storyline that is bound to captivate you. By occupying the designated splash zone seats, you may even get an unexpected spritz of water during the performance.

    WOW – The Vegas Spectacular stands as a variety exhibition featuring watery platforms, dramatic lighting, multimedia enchantment, physical prowess, and more. For additional insights on the WOW and O shows, check out

    Complimentary Live Music Concerts

    Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas hosts complimentary live music concerts nightly throughout April commencing at 6 PM. The regular house bands that grace the stage live include Zowie Bowie, Alter Ego, 80’s Station, Tony Marques Band, Spandex Nation, Rock Steady, among many others. These bands often operate on a rotational basis, keeping you guessing on the performer for the night.

    All you need to do is show up at Fremont Street to relish the free live music. There are three stages available for the artists and a colossal digital screen named Viva Vision to facilitate optimal visibility for the teeming crowds. Arriving early at Fremont Street may secure you a prime viewing spot for an up-close encounter with the performers.


    April stands as a remarkable timeframe to explore Las Vegas owing to the plethora of entertaining events, thrilling rides, captivating shows, live concerts, and other delightful activities available. Every kind of tourist, irrespective of age, gender, or group size, will find a bevy of enjoyable pursuits to engage in. Whether you journey to Las Vegas in April with companions and family or in solitary pursuit, you are guaranteed a fulfilling experience replete with diverse activities.

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