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Acura Unveils Its Premiere In Precision EV Concept Vehicle

Image Source: Xita / Shutterstock

Acura has recently introduced its latest Precision EV Concept during the Monterey Car Week.

The fresh styling will be accessible in an all-electric Sport Utility Vehicle in 2024. The breakthrough Precision EV Concept showcases a Double Apex Blue matte finish exterior, an electrified power system beneath a newly fashioned Diamond Pentagon grille, and novel Particle Glitch illumination on the rear and front seamless facades, along with the spokes on the 23-inch wheels.

“Rendering the Acura Precision EV Concept is a design exploration that will influence the trajectory of forthcoming Acura offerings in the electric era, encompassing our inaugural all-electric SUV in 2024,” articulated Emile Korkor, deputy vice president of Acura National Sales. “We are devoted to conveying Precision Crafted Performance throughout every aspect of the Acura customer journey, which comprises a robust and greatly thrilling course for the succeeding generation of electrified Acura models.”

The interior takes inspiration from the cockpit of a Formula 1 racing machine, featuring high-performance driver perspectives, a steering wheel designed in a two-grip yoke style, a reclined driving stance, and a selection between Instinctive Drive or Spiritual Lounge modes.

The Instinctive Drive mode accentuates a digital instrument panel reminiscent of racing styles and red ambient and pipe lighting, while the calming Spiritual Lounge mode withdraws the steering wheel and presents tranquil fragrances and underwater animated projection for leisure.

The compartment is fabricated with ecological, environmentally-conscious substances such as marbled recycled plastic adornments and 100% biomass leather. All the aluminum utilized, in addition to the dimensional green cast acrylic forming the supplemental controls of the steering wheel, were derived from repurposed materials. Milled FSC certified wood, sourced from responsibly managed forests that offer environmental, social, and economic advantages, introduces a sense of warmth and a tie to the natural world.

“As the notion of luxury and performance progresses to incorporate the utilization of sustainable materials, we are exploring fresh and inventive material technologies to inspire our clientele while also mitigating our carbon footprint and empowering the Acura brand to transform the perception of excellence,” mentioned Gypsy Modina, chief designer: color, materials, and finish.

Being Acura’s third design concept since 2016, the Acura Precision EV Concept also offers a glimpse of the subsequent generation of Acura HMI with an instinctive and user-friendly broad, curved transparent screen and haptic touch feedback.

“The Acura Precision EV Concept provides a teaser of our imminent Dual Experience interior design philosophy,” stated Simon Yu, senior interior designer. “We aim to provide thrilling performance driving management with a refined and refreshing lounge atmosphere that envelops the driver’s faculties.”

Image Source: Xita / Shutterstock

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