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A Gourmet Experience Amidst a Lake: Iris Expedition Dining In Norway

Step into the novel eatery, Iris, a one-of-a-kind gastronomic escapade positioned in a sphere in the midst of a lake in Rosendal, Norway. Engage in “expedition dining” at a secluded spot reserved for the affluent.

To reach this destination, one must take a flight to Bergen, Norway, then proceed by car or embark on a two-hour boat journey to Rosendal. Prior to arriving at Iris, guests are transported to chef Anika Madsen’s boathouse on Snilstveitøy, where they will be handed the evening’s menu and offered a delectable welcome nibble. Following this, they will be guided to Salmon Eye, a floating art installation sphere that delivers an educational experience regarding the aquaculture industry in Norway. This portion of the expedition is carried out via all-electric boats while patrons immerse themselves in knowledge about the unique components featured in the menu. Nestled within the Salmon Eye, Iris Expedition Dining furnishes a rare vantage point of both the cuisine and the picturesque landscape.

This extraordinary culinary affair presents an 18-course tasting menu while relishing breathtaking vistas of the fjord and mountains. Each dish is outstanding throughout this immersive six-hour gastronomic journey. After the evening concludes, a boat will ferry your group back to Rosendal.

The enchantment of dining at Iris is orchestrated by Chef Dane Anika Madson, a former Head Chef at the Fasangården restaurant in Copenhagen. A Danish culinary expert acknowledged for her exploration of new marine ingredients and commitment to sustainability, Madson aims to encourage her guests to contemplate a sustainable global food system by utilizing solely local produce.

The pricing for the menu stands at NOK 3,200 or $300.48 USD; Opting for the wine pairing entails an additional cost starting from NOK 2,500 or $234.67 USD; Those preferring an alcohol-free beverage pairing can indulge for a price beginning at NOK 1,500 or $140.81

Iris Expedition Dining can only accommodate 24 guests per evening and is operational four days a week, from Wednesday to Saturday. Reservations can be made through the designated website.

Image Source: Travel & Leisure Asia

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