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35 Recent Men’s Fall 2023 Haul | A Massive Collection of Fashionable Additions!

Been a while since the last massive haul, but I’ve gotten a bunch of new pieces that I wanted to share with you guys — let me know what you think πŸ™‚

#mensFashion #mensStyle #oneDapperStreet

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Links to shop the pieces down below:
Green Madewell Corduroy Shirt
Madewell Overcoat
Urban Outfitters Overcoat
iets frans Puffer Jacket
Guess Sherpa Jacket
Madewell Shirt Jacket Brown
Madewell Shirt Jacket Blue
Urban Outfitters Grey Jacket
Van Heusen Corduroy Jacket
Madewell Wool Suit Jacket
Madewell Wool Suit Pants
Guess Flannel Shirt
UO Orange Renewed Shirt
UO Striped Renewed Shirt
Madewell Oxford Shirt
BDG Sweatshirt
Furore Sweatshirt
Furore Sweatpants
Madewell Fleece Vest
Ben Sherman Polo
Bugatchi Turtleneck
Ben Sherman Cardigan
BDG Cardigan
iets frans Sweater
Les Deux Tailored Pants
Levis 501 Jeans
Bugatchi Traveler Pants
Allen Edmonds Chelsea Boots
P448 Sneakers
New Era Cap
LeSportsac Tote Bag
LeSportsac Carryall
Serge DeNimes Ring
Serge DeNimes Bracelet
Serge DeNimes Necklace
00:00 Green Madewell Corduroy Shirt
00:17 Madewell Overcoat
00:44 Urban Outfitters Overcoat
01:03 iets frans Puffer Jacket
01:29 Guess Sherpa Jacket
01:54 Madewell Shirt Jackets
02:19 Urban Outfitters Grey Jacket
02:39 Van Heusen Corduroy Jacket
02:58 Madewell Wool Suit
03:29 Guess Flannel Shirt
03:53 Urban Outfitters Renewed Shirts
04:43 Madewell Oxford Shirt
04:53 BDG Sweatshirt
05:21 Furore Sweatsuit
05:52 Madewell Fleece Vest
06:13 Ben Sherman Polo
06:39 Bugatchi Turtleneck
06:57 Ben Sherman Cardigan
07:32 BDG Cardigan
07:54 iets frans Sweater
08:28 Les Deux Tailored Pants
08:54 Levis 501 Jeans
09:25 Bugatchi Traveler Pants
09:40 Allen Edmonds Chelsea Boots
10:01 P448 Sneakers
10:24 New Era Cap
10:40 LeSportsac Tote Bag
11:00 LeSportsac Carryall
11:21 Serge DeNimes Jewelry
FTC: This video is not sponsored. I do however make revenue from the ads that were played and the affiliate links to the products listed above.

Credit: YouTube/One Dapper Street

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